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Erasmus Plus 2019-2022 (STEM#TeenGirls)

28. června 2022

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We worked on the EU platform „Etwinning“: www.etwinning.net

We communicated in English all the time.

2019/20: motto: “Like the Wind“ on speed

November 2019:
We made descriptions of each other

See example

November 2019:
We made drawings

November 2019:
We made quizzes on Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic

See the quiz

December 2019:
We prepared a calendar

May 2020:
virtual conference (Italy and the Czech republic) to present what we have done in the first year.
See video: STEM projects „Like the wind“

See the video
See the post

June 2020:
Logo competition: first part: we worked in transnational groups on Etwinning

2020/21: motto: „In the right Light“ on light

September 2020:
We decided on the logo in transnational groups.

The final logo was designed by Jonáš Bárta (Czech republic)

Erasmus Days 2020: 13.10.2020:
at school

video conference in October (Erasmus Days 2020): women in STEM: meteorologist and mathematician/ computer scientist

See the video

virtual Erasmus Week

2021/22: prolongation of the project due to the COVID pandemic

virtual Erasmus Week

See the post

Erasmus Days 2021: 15.10.2021:
we presented our project to lower classes of our school

another virtual Erasmus Week

physical mobility in Rome

See the Erasmus Infographics
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